Are These 13 Prince Facts True Or False?

Every few months it’s reassuring to be reminded that Prince is still ridiculous, the most ridiculous of all the popstars, ever. A “rare” interview with the Star Tribune surfaced yesterday. It begins:

Prince pounded his rhinestone-encrusted cane into the floor to make a point. “I don’t have time for old people,” he insisted. “I want to work with young people.”

Prince is 54.

Back in January, the Billboard interview did well in confirming all is right with the world. Prince was wearing “wedged silver shoes adorned with periodically flashing red lights”. He refused to let the reporter record the interview for fear she’d sell his voice and, of course, he has a floor-to-ceiling white cage in the basement filled with white doves.

To celebrate the wonderful Purple loon, we’ve made a quiz. You’ve got to guess which of these facts are true or false. You’ll find the answers by clicking on the link at the bottom.


To promote ‘Diamonds And Pearls’ in 1991, Prince served diamond and pearl-themed Lucky Charms Cinnamon-flavoured cereal at his launch party


Before taking on the name ‘The Artist’, Prince considered calling himself ‘Orgasm’


The house number for Paisley Park is 07061958070619580706195807061958070619580706195807061958, Prince’s date of birth repeated seven times


At the ‘Rave Un2 The Year 2000’ closing show, Prince played for 12 hours 20 minutes


Prince recently settled a lawsuit over his breaking a contract to market a perfume with notes of pale musky woods, creamy earthiness and white florals


Prince sought legal action against Adobe Photoshop CS6 to prevent fans or otherwise seeking to “graffiti” photos


Because his staff at Paisley Park couldn’t pronounce the “Love Symbol” they called Prince “the dude” instead


As well as protecting photographs and unofficial audio, Prince waged legal battles against street painters duplicating his image for tourists in London, Paris, New York and Venice


Prince has a swimming pool at Paisley Park shaped like his glyphic symbol moniker, filled with purple-coloured water


Prince once paid a salon in Washington D.C. to shut, black out all the windows and do his hair


For Prince’s wedding to Mayte Garcia in 1997, his Afghan hound, Orion, was dyed purple.


Tipper Gore’s Parents Music Resource Center was set up after the release of Prince’s saucy tune ‘Darling Nikki’ from the ‘Purple Rain’ soundtrack


Prince is banned from Saudi Arabia for being too goddamn sexy


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