Ariana Grande’s ‘Thank U, Next’ has inspired a whole new meme – here are the best of them

Love, patience and pain

Ariana Grande‘s ex-referencing new bop ‘Thank U, Next’ might be a wholesome break-up banger, but while the ire and anger of old-school pop hits may have been sidelined, one thing’s remained – the memes.

Pop fandom is like no other, with fans of all things sugary usually the first to take to the ‘net with topical re-imaginings of their favourite songs. Case in point: the ‘love, patience and pain’ meme, which takes Ariana’s lyrics about her ex-boyfriends, and turns them on all manner of pop culture oddities.

“One taught me love / One taught me patience / And one taught me pain / Now, I’m so amazing” Ariana sings – an ode to her exes, and everything she learned from their time together. Now, people are turning that thought process towards more affecting things than relationships. Like, er, the Shrek series.


Others, are using it to push politics, like veganism. To be fair, oat milk rules.

Some hilarious jokers are getting punny with the term “ex” – enter the somewhat ropey X-Men film series.

While, predictably, a whole bunch of people are turning the meme back on their favourite bands and musicians. Like Paramore.


And wherever pain is involved, football fans will surely follow – Manchester United fans to the front, naturally.

It’s this month’s hot new meme format, and it’s absolutely bloody everywhere – so expect it to run aground rather sharpish. Much like your past relationships. Ha!