Armed Response Unit – Free UK Hardcore MP3

Let’s just dispense with all notions of subtlety and decorum, of music as anything other than the bluntest of instruments, shall we? Armed Response Unit are, quite simply, a battering ram of a hardcore band.

Y’see, I put the most cheerful picture of them I could find up to lull y’all into a false sense of happiness and security. Look how smiley they are! What elephantine grins spread across their shining faces! Oh wait, their music sounds like a charging rhino shitting noise all over my head? RAD.

I found this lot a few short clicks away from Frank Turner’s MySpace, because ex-Million Deader Ben plays drums for ARU. But that will give you somewhere between little and no idea what they sound like, because there’s none of MD’s admittedly brilliant jerky, anthemic hardcore (in fact, stay clicked on NFTU because I’m going to get you some rare stuff hopefully to tie in with their reissue). Instead, ARU are an old-school UK hardcore band in the truest sense of the term – fierce DIY ethics, an equal desire to play blast-furnast fast and get shitted on cider (if their MySpace pics are anything to go by) and they probably don’t give a shit whether you like them or not.

So download ‘Trick Of The Light’ and make up your own minds…

Download Armed Response Unit‘s ‘Trick Of The Light’ here.