Artificial Pleasure bring the glam to NME and BFI present: CineJam supported by Zig-Zag

The music and film event continued with a set from AP and a screening of Quentin Tarantino's 'Pulp Fiction'

NME and BFI present: CineJam supported by Zig-Zag continued last night (August 16) with a sold-out night of music and film on the top of south-east London’s Bussey Building, with Rooftop Film Club. 

This edition’s crowd were provided with a set of live music from London glam dudes Artificial Pleasure and a screening of Quentin Tarantino’s classic 1994 film Pulp Fiction, with drinks and food also served in the panoramic surroundings at Rooftop Film Club.

Last night’s event began with Artificial Pleasure, a band that made their live debut in November 2016. They featured in this year’s NME 100 list, telling us: “We want to play to as many people as humanly possible and ensure we’re always doing music that we believe in.”

That campaign continued in yesterday’s slightly pared back set, with frontman Phil McDonnell explaining in advance: “It’s quite different to how we usually do it, we’re not used to doing stripped down things.” Synths man Dom Brennan added: “It’s kind of lo-fi electro arrangements of our songs, so they’re very different from how we normally perform them – but not actually acoustic.”

In advance of the open-air film screening, the four-piece played a set of seven songs, including crowd favourites ‘All I Got’ and ‘I’ll Make It Worth Your While’.

As the sun set on south London, Pulp Fiction was next up on the CineJam bill. “We weren’t old enough to get in when it came out,” said band member Dom ahead of the film. “I remember being on the outside thinking we might be able to sneak in through the exit but it wasn’t to be. So now we finally get to see it in the cinema!”

The classic 1994 film stars John Travolta, Bruce Samuel L Jackson, Uma Thurman and Bruce Willis, with its darkly comic neo-noir plot centring on several mobsters in LA, and a mysterious briefcase.

Bastille’s Dan Smith, the curator of CineJam, was in attendance last night. He says of the film: “Pulp Fiction was such a tour de force when it came out. It’s an alternative arthouse film that sits in a very mainstream space. The poster still adorns students’ walls up and down the country.”

Bastille's Dan Smith at CineJam

Bastille’s Dan Smith at CineJam

NME and BFI present: CineJam supported by Zig-Zag is hosted at the Rooftop Film Club, Bussey Building, Peckham. The big screen event runs from July 5 to September 6, 2017 – find more information here.

Next up in the series is Columbian pop star Lao Ra, who will play a live set in advance of a screening of 1990’s Goodfellas.