As Korn and Limp Bizkit Announce A Joint Tour, Here’s Your Nu-Metal Starter Pack

Horns up! Mid-noughties nu-metal legends Korn and Limp Bizkit have announced a joint UK headline tour, meaning they’ll bring drop-D basslines and middled-aged angst to Manchester, Glasgow, Birmingham, London and Nottingham this December.

Korn have said in a press release that “This tour is gonna be sick” and we have no reason to disbelieve them. See you there, readers. We’ll be the ones in the red New York Yankees caps, chains dangling from our baggy jeans like umbilical cords to our adolescent years.

Wait, you don’t have your nu-metal outfit sorted? That’s thoughtless, but don’t break stufftake a look around at the nu-metal gear that’s available and we’ll turn you into a freak on a leash in no time. In other words: here’s your nu-metal starter pack.


A red New York Yankees cap

“Now this red cap gets a rap from his critics,” Limp Bizkit frontman Fred Durst once boasted, referring to his trademark baseball cap, which he rarely wore facing forwards. What a firebrand. Now you, too, can be a sartorially subversive badass.

Get the look: New Era snapback, £27.95 at

Massive jeans

The bigger the better.


Get the look: Carpenter Jeans Indigo, £45 from Bleubolt

A wallet chain

This is actually quite useful, because you’re not getting any younger – despite your dress code at these gigs – and forgetfulness will surely cause you to leave your wallet at home time and again as old age creeps upon you like the dawning realisation that Limp Bizkit were nowhere near as good without Wes Borland.

Get the look: Silver Look Wallet Chain, £8.50 at Topman

A studded belt

Your mum won’t let you sit on the new leather sofa while wearing this studded belt, which is as quietly aggressive as it is practical.

Get the look: Triple S Studded Belt, £19.99 from Lowlife

A Korn sweatband

Purging your teenage rage is an exhausting experience that is guaranteed to make you sweat. Luckily, Korn have got your back (read: wrist).

Get the look: Red Korn sweatband, £2.89 from

An oversized hoodie

Wait wait wait. You’re not wearing hoodies that actually… fit you, are you? Oh dear. No – it’s best if your hoodie is at least four times as big as you are, meaning you can use it as a sleeping bag during the boring bit when Limp Bizkit do their cover of ‘Behind Blue Eyes’.

Get the look: Sandbox hoodie, £49 from

An Adidas tracksuit

All Day I Dream About Sex,” Korn once sang in reference to their penchant for Adidas tracksuits (geddit? The song title’s an acronym for the brand name). Stay ahead of the rest of the Korn fans with this steezy number.

Get the look: Tiro tracksuit, £44.95 from

Skate shoes

Doesn’t matter if you don’t skateboard. The point is that those New Balance trainers you’re wearing aren’t gonna cut it with a pair of massive, voluminous baggy jeans. What you need is a wide skate shoe to make you look slightly more in proportion and slightly less ridiculous.

Get the look: DC Pure, £69.99 from DC Shoes

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