ATP Day Two Plus Free M83 MP3 (‘Couleurs’)

I have this friend who came to ATP once and spent the entire weekend in her chalet watching the specially programmed TV station. While I can’t see the attraction in spending any more time in these boxes than necessary (ours comes with flooded bathroom, door handles falling off, the rancid stench of something dying in the drain etc), the TV programming does make it mighty tempting. Again half curated by ATP and half chosen by the fans, it runs cult TV and films 24/7. Between 8am and 2am today I could watch an entire series of ‘Freaks & Geeks’ and ‘Curb Your Enthusiasm’, a programme on Norwegian Black Metal, ‘The Thick Of It’, ‘Dogtown & Z-Boys’ and that documentary E from Eels made about his dad. To do so, however, would mean missing Spritualized, Future Of The Left, The Mae Shi and loads more plus some crucial arcade time.

Yesterday saw the three venues play host to a variety of stuff, from Grizzly Bear’s achingly earnest barbershop indie (an uplifting treat in the big top at teatime) to The Jesus Lizard’s insane punk rock carnival, which involved three topless stage dives from the lead singer by the second track.

The Jesus Lizard

A zoned-out acid freak spent twenty minutes taking photos of a light in the floor during Beirut’s beautiful Balkan folk, not flinching as they parped their way through all the hits you need (most brilliantly ‘Nantes’) before a huge crowd of lank-haired man mountains assembled in the Centre Stage for Harvey Milk, who were as grungily grating as expected.

Harvey Milk

Then we all held hands and lost our collective minds to San Franciscan psych-rockers Sleepy Sun. Video interview with them to come in the next few hours but first a clip of M83’s sublime Friday night show, and his best track for free.

Download M83‘s Couleurs here
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