What Do Avenged Sevenfold’s Guerilla Deathbat Projections Mean?

The Californian heavy metallers have been displaying their winged skull logo on buildings and monuments across the world.

What are Avenged Sevenfold up to? Over the course of October, projections of their deathbat – that’s a skull with wings, obviously – have been popping up across the world.

In London, they chose to plant the ominous beast on Tate Modern, Marble Arch, St Paul’s Cathedral, Camden Market and, hilariously, City Hall. It has also been spotted in Paris, Stockholm, Toronto, Sydney, Milan and Berlin. Eagle-eyed fans have been sharing photos of the logo looming large on the chosen targets on Twitter and Instagram. As yet, though, there’s been no explanation from the band.

The speculation online, though, is that it’s a signal a new album is on the way. It’s no secret that the band have been writing for a new record since 2015 – guitarist Zacky Vengeance told Kerrang! at the end of last year the songs they had written were “very aggro”. A year is plenty of time to finish an album. It seems logical, then, that the band could now be trying to build excitement ahead of its release.

Projections announcing new releases isn’t a new tactic. We’ve already seen it this year when The Strokes announced their ‘Future, Present, Past’ EP. Kanye West, meanwhile, premiered his ‘New Slaves’ video by airing it on the sides of buildings in 2013.

In a now deleted Instagram post, Chris Jericho, wrestler and friend to Avenged Sevenfold frontman M. Shadows, revealed ‘Voltaic Oceans’ will be released on December 9. That suggests the record will come out before the year’s end, but could it come sooner than that? If you go on the band’s new website, you can speak to a “deathbot”. Loudwire reports typing the words “new album” will get you a response about an official announcement happening during a live event on October 27. As is now the way with new releases, could that announcement actually be a surprise release? Earlier this month, Vengeance tweeted “October is a month to celebrate”, which doesn’t exactly confirm things, but does suggest something is afoot at the very least.

There’s no gigs listed for October 27 on the band’s website, so expect this to be slightly different from any other standard gig. Last week (October 13), the band shared a new single ‘The Stage’, adding to the evidence that a record is definitely ready to drop. All that remains to be seen now is exactly when it will come.