The Great British Overreaction – Bake Off’s Move To Channel 4 Has These People Crying Cake Tiers

Someone set up a helpline: last night (September 12) it was announced that Great British Bake Off will be moving from the BBC to Channel 4. From the way Twitter reacted you’d think Mary Berry had been revealed as one of the four horsemen of the apocalypse. Some vented their anger via a lot of swearing, others made rash statements that will make you scream at your screen in rage. Prepare for the Great British Overreaction…

Someone’s clearly never had a nightmare

Obviously it’s all Corbyn’s fault…


What would Mary think of your language?

Because adverts haven’t been a thing for the last, I don’t know, FOREVER


These people don’t like change

Calling this an overreaction might be an understatement


Good to see classism is alive and well