Band Play Entire Green Day Back Catalogue In 10 Minutes

It’s 22 years since ‘Dookie’ was released and to mark this particularly insignificant anniversary, one Canadian band has gone full-throttle Green Day.

Minority 905 are a four-piece punk band from Ontario made up of frontman John Asquino, Spasimir Vasilev on drums, Steven Wolwyn on bass and Mason Dayot on second guitar. This week the pop-punk fans released a video of themselves covering all of Green Day’s hits in an epic 10-minute jam.

Starting with songs from ’39/Smooth’ and going right through to 2014’s ‘Demolicious’, the punk trio channelled the many eras of Green Day with Asquino nailing Billie-Joe’s mannerisms in a way that suggests he’s spent a few too many hours watching Green Day videos online.

Here it is everyone! We went the extra mile and made a 10 minute medley highlighting Green Day’s discography! Our…

Posted by Minority 905 on Monday, 1 February 2016

So if you ever wondered what Green Day’s 11 studio albums would sound like all mashed up together, watch the medley below. And someone get these lads on Stars In Their Eyes.