Band vs Band: Bastille vs Craig David

Two legends, one room.

Bastille and Craig David: pop titans and the R&B legend who’ve joined forces to record ‘I Know You’, a brooding, minimalist production that has led one YouTube commenter to ask: “Why didn’t this happen years ago?!”

Wise words indeed – and you know else has wise words to share? That’s right, Craig David and Dan from Bastille. We stuck the pair together in a room and turned on the camera to see what happened. As it turns out, their chemistry isn’t confined to a recording studio. They talked about seeing the world, their favourite movies and the bizarre year that has been 2017.

On the latter issue, Craig reckons there’s hope to be found in social media: “The beauty whenever there’s madness going on is that people see the madness… Now people are like, ‘This is madness that is going on.’”


“Watching the news and seeing what’s happening in world events, it could be so easy to get brought down by it and feel defeatist,” replies Dan. “But it’s important to look at positives when terrible things happen. Look to the people who react in a positive way and try and effect positive change. And try to increase awareness. With the election in the UK, it was amazing to see the voice of the youth and that tension between the youth and the older people.”

He adds: “As Brits who’ve spent time in America, it’s horrifying and fascinating to see the ‘Leader of the Free World’ endorse unspeakable, awful and untrue images and opinions. It’s really confusing, but hopefully will draw out people who don’t believe those things and can see that they’re not right. It’s important to hope that [that] will effect positive change in reaction to it.”

You’re goddamn right. Watch the video for these wise words and more.

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