Bang Bang Eche – Fist Full Of Dollars – Free MP3

Remember Damn Arms? Probably not – it just took me fifteen minutes of hardcore memory searching to recall their name. For some reason though, listening to this new band Bang Bang Eche brought them to mind.

Anyway, they’re dead now, but the frantic synthy disco-punk-screamo ball continues with this bunch of Ritalin-needy New Zealanders.

They’ve toured with The Faint, Die! Die! Die!, Enter Shikari, Cut Off Your Hands and !!! and will appeal to fans of any of these. This track ‘Fist Full Of Dollars’ is taken from their forthcoming EP ‘Sonic Death Cunttt’ (I know, I know – just bear with them) out on November.

They look like this:

Bang Bang Eche

Let us know your thoughts. MySpace here.

Download Bang Bang Eche‘s Fistful Of Dollars here
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