Barb From ‘Stranger Things’ Finally Has Her Own Tribute Track

We all need a friend like Barb. Sensible. Kind. Boring. And none of us would want to see that friend fed to the Demogorgon. Having binge watched season one of Stranger Things in just a few short days (or hours as the case may be), we are all still mourning the loss of the bespectacled sidekick, Barb, following her tragic end in episode two. (Mostly to compensate for the fact that no one in Hawkins, Indiana seems to give a shit when she dies. Poor Barb. We care, Barb.)

Well, finally she’s been given the obituary she deserves with a tribute rap by comedy duo Dr. Chorizo productions. The video description reads: “We say goodbye to our favorite character, Barb, from the best show on earth STRANGER THINGS. Please enjoy this sensitive rap tribute.”

Whilst Jonathan might be creeping on Nancy in the swimming pool, Dr. Chorizo member Aflamu Johnson says “I only got eyes for one chick, Barb lookin’ sexy in those glasses and she’s thick.”

“Rest in peace, Barb. I’m sorry that monster rolled up on you so hard,” sings Ian Eastin for a dangerously catchy chorus. They’ve even thrown in lyrics so you can sing along.

And of course, they address the question everyone’s been asking since the Barb controversy: “Why didn’t you just get in your motherfuckin’ car and leave?” Barb didn’t even want to go to that party. She could have saved us all a lot of heartache if she’d just stayed home. Silly Barb.

The tribute track has even been retweeted by Shannon Purser, who plays Barb on Stranger Things.

The track samples the show’s opening credits, written by Kyle Dixon and Michael Stein. Read our interview with the composers here.