Bastille Get Consumed By Jealousy On Hip-Hop Inspired ‘Send Them Off!’

“It’s Othello meets The Exorcist,” Dan Smith tweeted last December about ‘Send Them Off!’, the latest track to be revealed from Bastille‘s imminent second album ‘Wild World’ (released September 9). Lyrically, the song will transport you back to English class, searching the deepest recesses of your mind for all those classes on Shakespeare’s play about jealousy and betrayal.

Desdemona, won’t you liberate me?/When I’m haunted by your ancient history,” sings Smith, consumed by irrational envy. “Close these green eyes and watch over me as I sleep.” It’s believed that Shakespeare actually coined the phrase “green-eyed monster” in his play The Merchant Of Venice, while he also wrote of a “green-eyed monster which doth mock” in Othello eight years later.

‘Send Them Off!’ has Bastille’s frontman taking up the role of that jealous monster, trying to shake off his baseless feelings and suspicions about his partner. “I want to be free as I’ll ever be/Exorcise my mind,” he begs in the chorus, desperate to escape what he’s become.

Musically, it’s another example of Smith’s boundary-less approach to songwriting. With skronking sax and big beats indebted to hip-hop, it’s the latest track in his canon to pick and choose elements of other genres and sounds, melding ideas together to reflect the post-tribal generation’s way of consuming music and the blurred lines of Bastille’s hard-to-pin-down output.