Everyone’s pulling a Skepta and getting the tube to the BRITs

All aboard

Musicians are just like us, they say. They go to the shops, they walk the dog, they even, sometimes, take public transport like us chumps. Jay Z, Rihanna and even Noel Gallagher are prone to taking the tube to their gigs – but for the BRITs, they usually go all out.

But this year, things are changing. Using your contactless on the Jubilee line is in – fancy limos are out. As seen below, Bastille (apparently running late) decided to take the DLR to The o2, as did Stockport’s own Blossoms, both of whom could be heading back on that very service with a Brit Award in their hand. Imelda May wasn’t far behind, either.

Is this proof that everyone’s being a bit tight? Maybe. Though we like to think Skepta had something to do with it, after all, he did it before and after his appearance with Kanye in 2015, and immortalised in it his 2016 song ‘Konnichiwa’  “Boy better know a man went to the BRITs on a train”.

All of us, forever in Skepta’s shadow, it seems.