The BBC messed up the subtitles for Trump’s inauguration and it was amazing

Light relief

Sometimes, in dark times, you just have to laugh and watching the Trump inauguration was definitely one of those times. It was like being trapped inside an episode of The Twilight Zone that’s inside another episode of Black Mirror. Actually, no, it was beyond parody. I mean, Trump literally stole his speech from an actual Batman villain, can you get any more sinister?

But the good folks at the Beeb at least ensured that British viewers couldn’t take the thing too seriously, providing us with some much needed comic relief akin to having a few drinks and giggles as your boat proceeds to sink in the middle of the ocean. Just like that scene from Jaws.

As one viewer noticed, live footage of Trump’s inauguration was overdubbed with subtitles from an episode of CBBC kids show and Tracey Beaker spin-off, The Dumping Ground. “No one wants you here,” says one character, in perfect cosmic irony. “Just shut it, yeah?”, another chimes in. We couldn’t agree more.

Okay, so the rest of the subtitles don’t really sync up and it’s not as good as BBC’s subtitles for Kanye’s Glastonbury set, but we’re allowed some fun, aren’t we? That’s not been banned yet, has it?

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See more: The best and funniest reactions to Trump’s inauguration