Beatles On iTunes – Which Songs Will You Download?

Isn’t the hype surrounding The Beatles’ back catalogue finally making it to iTunes a little bit overcooked?

Tech companies like Apple have a habit of over-selling announcements, in quite a pompous way – and journos fall for it every time, cranking up a fever pitch of excitement that the announcement itself can’t possibly match up to.

“Tomorrow is just another day,” thundered the legend on the iTunes landing page yesterday. “That you’ll never forget.” ‘What could it be?’ we all wondered. iTunes in the cloud? iTunes to announce takeover of Spotify? Steve Jobs to launch a pop career?

No, it’s far less interesting than that: it’s just another chance to buy a bunch of songs that you probably already own in some form. Woo-hoo. Haven’t we moved on from this, panting over The Beatles in 2010?

There’s been some talk of the singles charts being flooded with Beatles tracks in the run-up to Christmas. Why? Are there really so many people out there who’ve been craving ‘Sexy Sadie’ in digital format?

But anyway. The songs are out there now. Fill your boots (again). But which track will you buy first..?

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