Beats And Bangers With Toddla T

The yappy Sheffield electro maestro introduces some of his fave new acts

Yagga yooo, readers – I’m Toddla T and I’m gonna be popping up every now and again letting you know what’s exciting from the underground. First up, meet Redlight, formerly known as DJ Clipz. Hugh Pescod has crafted his blend of house, dubstep, rave and bashment to perfection of late. His first compilation’s due out late this year/early next, but if you can’t wait that long, catch him supporting Tinie Tempah soon. Moving on, we’ve got Scru Fizzer. I’m obsessed with trying to find new people to work with, so a lot of my spare time is spent looking at new rappers and singers on YouTube. I’m not going to lie, roughly one in 10 excites me… but this lad really popped out. Reminiscent of early Dizzee, his fast flow and sharp delivery cuts through a lot of emcees right now. Check his tune ‘Fizzy Flow’ for an example of his steeze.


West London soul sensation Cleo Sol’s another one to check. She came on my radar a few months ago when I was watching a load of music videos online and her latest tune sees her team up with the UK’s biggest reggae star right now, Gappy Ranks.

It’s a lovely feeling when you’re at Carnival and the biggest tunes are homegrown. That was the case with Stylo G at Notting Hill this year. His UK dancehall bangalang ‘Call Mi A Yardie’ really stands up to the Jamaican stuff, and I sense there’s plenty more to come. Finally, let’s chat about someone I first met in Sheffield while I was living there. This guy came into the shop I worked in and asked to interview me for his magazine, Bruk. His enthusiasm and knowledge was brilliant, and to cut a long story short, about a year later I started getting promos about someone called Mosca. I was impressed with the way this guy managed to fit so much UK soundsystem culture into his music. Then I saw a picture of him and realised it was the same lad I met in Sheffield. His biggest tune to date is just about to drop on the Numbers label. Mosca – we salute. SICKA!”

Toddla’s Top 5

Redlight – ‘Stupid’


Scru Fizzer – ‘Fizzy Flow’

Cleo Sol – ‘High’

Stylo G – ‘Call Mi A Yardie’

Mosca – ‘Done Me Wrong’

This article originally appeared in the September 24th issue of NME

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