Beautiful Losers – Film Review And Trailer

Beautiful Losers

A great new film comes out on August 7 this year, called Beautiful Losers. It’s a documentary about growing up, creativity, freedom, expression and ‘do it yourself’ culture. And it’s one of those films that makes you sit up, pay attention and really think about your life and what you want you from from it.

Go and see it. And when you leave the cinema I guarantee you’ll want to paint something, learn an instrument, hang out with your best friends – the ones that really know you and love you – or take on that slightly insane idea that’s been bubbling away at the back of your brain for months.


The film is about a group of underground, kooky, self-empowering artists who create amazing art. You may not know their names, but you’ll know – and recognise – their work.

I’m guessing that for the vast majority of people reading this, the subjects of the film could walk past you in the street and you would have no idea of who they were. They look like you and me. They ARE like you and me, of course – the difference being that were you to Google their names, instead of some hackneyed Facebook profile, tons of mind-blowing art, groundbreaking movies and skateboarding exploits comes up.

So who are they? Well, Mike Mills has designed album covers for Sonic Youth, The Beastie Boys, Beck and Air, amongst others. You may know his Pulp music video too. Harmony Korine wrote Larry Clark’s seminal movie ‘Kids’ and directed the bizarre and ultra-real ‘Gummo’. Shepherd Fairey is behind all of those ‘Obey’ stickers and posters you may have seen plastered on street corners. Oh – and he made the iconic Obama ‘Hope’ poster that greased the wheels of getting that new guy in the White House. And that’s to name just three of the bunch.

With roots embedded in skate, punk-rock and grafitti, these American counter-culture kids ‘made good’ reach young hearts and minds like a raging virus. The ad bucks were never going to be far behind, but they’ve stayed impressively true to their original visions.

Check out the trailer below and go see the film. Then do that stuff you’ve been meaning to do for ages. Learn to skateboard or fly a giant kite. Paint something. Make something for someone. Buy a guitar and write a song. Do something you love. Today.

Beautiful Losers movie trailer:

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