Behind the scenes of You Me At Six’s new music video for ‘3AM’

Its 4pm and we’re in The Mildmay Club in Hackney. Extras lounge around in the excellently retro main hall, and enough Nando’s to cater the feeding of the 5000 has just arrived. However not everyone is getting to tuck into the grub, because in the bathroom You Me At Six frontman Josh Franceschi is having a bit of a scuffle with another punter. Or at least he is, until director Dan Broadley shouts cut. We’re on the set of the band’s latest music video for ‘3AM’, and everything seems to be going according to plan.

“We’ve kind of based the idea of the video on that amazing scene in ‘Wolf of Wall Street’ where he’s driving the Ferrari back from the golf course and he thinks he’s absolutely smashed it,” guitarist Max Helyer tells us between takes. “And then it does take two and he’s really not smashed it. So obviously the song being ‘3AM’ we kind of wanted it to be revolved around a night out drinking. It’s Josh’s imagination of “Oh I’ve gone out and I’ve had a great night out, I’ve smashed it it’s been amazing”, but really it’s like no you’ve just been really drunk and you’ve imagined that all up.”

“We’re doing more acting in it than we’ve ever acted before so to speak, it’s a bit of a daunting one for us but it’s going to be something that we’ve never really done,” adds bassist Matt Barnes.

The video is split into two segments: the first being what frontman Josh thinks happened, and the second being the reality of the hot mess that was a drunken night out. “I worked quite closely with Dan Broadley (Director) as I found myself doing a lot of ‘acting’ in this video,” Josh has explained. “It was new, and a challenge, but he gave me the confidence to embrace it and also have the freedom to go off script.”

But arguably one of the biggest challenges of the entire video was the choreographed dance routine, with only three hours practise ahead of the shoot, were they nervous at all? “The lady who’s done the choreography for us, I think she was pleasantly surprised how quickly we picked up the whole routine” Max tells us, before Matt adds “But when it actually comes down to doing it in front of a camera, it may be different.”

Any time for practising in front of the mirror before the shoot? “I showed my fiancé it and she was like “fair play, you’ve come home and shown me the dance routine.”” Max reveals, “I probably had a couple of drinks when I was at home so it gave me a bit of Dutch courage!”

But they needn’t have worried, the final video is a whole lot of fun. Totally relatable for all of us that have had a tragic, drunken night out, and all accompanied by the total bop that is ‘3AM’. It’s just a shame it took the band 14 years to get their boyband on.