Behind The Scenes On Our Gaggle Photo Shoot

There’s a feature on Gaggle in the new issue of NME. Here, photographer Danny North explains how the shoot came about, and presents a time-lapse video of the day.

We shot the feature in The George Tavern, east London – one of Gaggle used to work there. The idea was to create an apocalyptic nomadic gang, the last surviving women on earth: Mad Maxine.

The venue was kinda small, especially with so many people in one frame, so I ended up gaffa taping the lights to the roof beams, and squashing my face against the back wall just to fit everyone in.

Gaggle are awesome: chaotic, truly innovative, and so much fun. The shoot was pretty much all of those things. This time lapse that I set up records most of the day.

We were lucky enough get massive help from Prangsta in the props department.  Maria Almena was set designing all day with me – a total trooper. When I thought the real world apocalypse had actually arrived, she kept me on my toes.