Behold John Lennon’s Wall Of Sound

We have a winner! After months of voting, John Lennon has been crowned the ultimate icon of NME‘s 60-year lifetime. In the new issue, a host of artists explain just what makes Lennon such an enduring hero. Alex Turner, for example, tells us why Lennon “deserves all the praise and accolades that he gets”. Paul Weller reveals that he admires Lennon as a singer “not so much for the technical side, but for the honesty and power.” And here’s Liam Gallagher:

John Lennon means everything to me. I wouldn’t say he’s a better songwriter than McCartney, but his stuff is more beautiful and more mad. Lennon was twisted and I like that kinda shit.

Of course, the best way to comprehend Lennon’s genius is simply to listen to the songs he wrote. Consequently, we’ve presented a selection here in lucky dip format – simply click the tag on each photo to stream a random song. They’re all, you know, quite good.

Photos by PA

NME Ultimate Icon Issue