Come Together: the best #BeatlesWankingSongs puns on the internet

The Beatles came together, apparently, and the internet lit up...

The list of things that everyone likes is only two entries long: The Beatles and masturbation. So when the story broke this week that Paul McCartney, John Lennon and a variety of friends had enjoyed a circle jerk in their early days, shouting the names of sex symbols such as Brigitte Bardot and Winston Churchill as encouragement, the internet lit some candles, ran a bubble bath and treated itself to a prolonged bout of frenzied Beatles wank gags.

‘Come Together’ was the most obvious go-to, but the internet wasn’t going to shoot its load over such easy targets. Here are a selection of the best Beatles wanking jokes that have graced the web over the past 24 hours.

The newspaper headlines

The very misheard ‘Yellow Submarine’ lyrics

The puns

The Continuing Story Of Bukkake Bill? Eleanor Frigby? An entire hashtag took off around Beatles wanking puns…

The witticisms