Seven Of The Funniest Moments From Liam Gallagher’s Live ‘Supersonic’ Q&A

Last night, the new Oasis film Supersonic premiered in London and was simulcast to cinemas across the UK. Directed by Mat Whitecross (Spike Island) and produced with collaboration from Liam and Noel Gallagher, their family and former bandmates, the two-hour documentary tells the story of Oasis’ rise from Manchester upstarts to Knebworth-headlining rock gods. Following the film, frontman Liam Gallagher took part in a live Q&A alongside Whitecross and former NME journalist Ted Kessler in front of lucky fans. Here are the funniest bits.

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Liam’s already eyeing up a sequel

Asked if he thought the film – which stops in 1996 – should have gone further into Oasis’s career, Liam let slip he’s already looking forward to the sequel. “We can do the downfall of Oasis, which would be equally as fucking entertaining, if not better. If you’re gonna lose the plot – lose it properly. This is just half time now.”


He called Alan McGee a ‘paranoid cunt’

Much of the film used previously unseen footage, with one part including a recording of a phone call between Creation Records boss Alan McGee and their manager Marcus Russell during ‘Definitely Maybe’ recording sessions. “That is odd, innit?” said Liam. “That’s not right. The worst one is Alan McGee talking to Marcus, they’re fucking recording each others’ message the paranoid cunts. That is fucking well dark man.” He even compared it to the practises of The Daily Telegraph, whose recent report whose sting on England manager Sam Allardyce got him the sack. “They must have been working for the fucking Telegraph, undercover, y’know what I mean? Bastards.”

He couldn’t help but have a jab at Noel

When asked whether he’d spoken to Noel about the film, Liam took it as a fine opportunity to have a little dig. “He’s far too busy in his big fucking house. He’s probably eating tofu right now as we speak with a face peel on. That’s what they get up to, these posh people”

Bonehead brought some more chaos

The Q&A was initially billed as Liam and Whitecross, but after an eagle-eyed audience member spotted former Oasis guitarist Bonehead in the crowd, he too joined the stage – and even offered up his services as a plasterer.

Liam compared Noel to Kevin Keegan


Now fielding questions from the audience, the frontman was asked to choose his favourite moment from the film. He picked the infamous ferry trip to Holland in the early days, when after causing chaos he was locked up in a cell and duly sent back to the UK. Noel was not happy.

“Our kid had his Kevin Keegan moment the next week. Going ‘how fucking dare you behave like this. You’ll never get respected as proper rock and roll stars getting kicked off a ferry and fucking about and drinking…’ Fuck off, that was his Kevin Keegan moment, wasn’t it? That was great. Our kid was only fucking gutted because he was sat in his bunker reading Shakespeare.”

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The ‘Potato’ thing is catching on

Noel became the butt of several jibes, with crowds regularly yelling potato at the mention of his name. Potato, of course, is Liam’s current insult of choice for his brother.

Put an audience member in their place

The Q&A slowly descended into a farce as audience members began yelling questions from their seats. One asked Liam if he remembered supporting The Boo Radleys in 1994, but it seems that they got their info wrong. “You what? I don’t fucking think so mate. How much have you had to drink? Never supported them. I don’t think I’ve ever supported Scouse bands.”

He named a newborn baby ‘Noeleen’

As the final questions were rolling in, one audience member asked Liam to name her baby girl. He initially replied with a dignified ‘Elsa’, before he echoed Bonehead’s suggestion of ‘Noeleen’.

Watch the full Q&A below.

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