The new Beatlemania – the best fan reactions to BTS’ show-stopping London debut

The supermassive K-pop sensations made their first appearance in the UK last night (October 9)

They may not be household names just yet, but BTS are already a supermassive sensation. The K-pop icons have conquered the globe in the past year, gathering a fervent fanbase (known as the Army), and redefining what it means to be a boyband in the process.

Last night (October 9) they made their London debut with a sold out show at The O2. Tickets flew out immediately, while merchandise was reportedly all gone by 7pm – it’s fair to say, this was a bit of a ‘moment’. Below are just some of the best reactions to BTS’ long-awaited arrival in the UK, from loyal members of the BTS Army.

It was hectic before anything even got going

Fans flooded The O2’s concourse from the early hours, chanting, screaming and singing along to all their favourite BTS hits long before the doors to the Arena even opened. If you were hoping for a quiet Tuesday evening Nando’s, you were in for a shock.

Jungkook was chair-bound

Moments before the show started, a message and apology was broadcast online and around the arena, informing fans that Jungkook had injured his foot, and would not be able to perform the group’s complex choreography.

He was then wheeled out on a stool, Westlife-style, to perform seated on a separate platform. It was a late-in-the-day blow that clearly upset Jungkook, who was seen crying later on in the show, before being consoled by both his bandmates and the crowd, who chanted “It’s alright” in Korean.

Not that that stopped him

Still, Jungkook in a chair still had about 200% more sass than most upright pop-stars, and he proved it with a… well, fire run-through of the break in ‘Fire’. He whipped out some of the best chair-bound dance moves you’re ever likely to see.

The Army, predictably, had no chill

Pop fans aren’t exactly known for their calm, considered demeanour, but the BTS Army take things up a level. Aside from the frankly deafening screams that could probably be heard all over London, even things as seemingly inconsequential as a little smile from Jimin were enough to prompt pandemonium.

In fact, there was a distinct lack of chill across the board

To be fair to the Army, though, there wasn’t all that much chill on stage, either. At one point, Jin had a right old sesh with a water bottle.

Of course, it was the fact (or perhaps the way?) that he threw the bottle cap that really set things off. Eagle eyed, this lot.

And there were tears galore

BTS play The O2 again this evening (October 10)

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