2016 Will Be A Major Year For Gamers Thanks To These 10 Video Games

If you had any plans to go out and socialise from February onwards, cancel them. You will not want to leave the house with the amount of high-quality games due this year. There’s new instalments in the Far Cry and Mass Effect franchises and even Street Fighter makes a return with it’s first new game in almost a decade. Here are our picks for 2016’s hottest games.

Uncharted 4: A Thief’s End

Released: March 18
Probably the most hotly anticipated game of 2016, Uncharted 4 is set to be Nathan Drake’s final outing as one of the most fully-realised action-adventure heroes in gaming history, essentially Tomb Raider Of The Lost Ark. As Drake is lured out of retirement by his long-lost brother on a hunt for a mythical pirate treasure, the series looks to end with a hi-octane barrage of hot-barrelled insanity.

Far Cry Primal


Released: February 23; March 1 (Windows)
While previous instalments of the open-world Far Cry series had you speedboating, parachuting and machine-gunning around exotic war-torn locales in Africa, the Himalayas and pirate-infested Pacific islands, this latest spin-off goes prehistoric on our asses, taking us deep into the Stone Age to battle mammoths and sabre-tooth tigers armed with little more than a spear and a trusty owl companion. Question one: is the owl made of plastic explosives? Oh.

Tom Clancy’s The Division

Released: March 8
Whereas last year’s Tom Clancy’s Rainbow Six Siege focused on fighting your way around tight, enclosed spaces, third-person shooter The Division will set the player loose in an open-world New York, fighting to keep society together in the wake of a devastating pandemic spread by germs on money. Perhaps Mark Zuckerberg knows something we don’t.


Released: March 11
Don’t call it a reboot, but with the huge creative and commercial success of the Tomb Raider prequels setting the bar high, genetically engineered assassin Agent 47’s pre-story game has a lot to match up to. Still offering the player plenty of different methods for completing a series of global killings – are you a sniper, a sneaker or a stabber-in-the-face? – this prequel promises maps up to seven times the size of previous games, so plenty more space to lurk murderously in.

Quantum Break

Released: April 5
Ever wished you could just pause one of those unbeatable boss fights, run up to them while they’re frozen and slowly flick them to death? Then try this third-person shooter in which protagonist Jack Joyce can freeze time to escape from attacks or saunter up to static enemies for an instant takedown. It’s also, these days, the only way to get a cheap selfie with Justin Bieber.


Mirror’s Edge Catalyst

Released: May 26
A revelation in 2008, the original Mirror’s Edge was a parkour platformer that found futuristic rebel ‘runner’ Faith wall-running, traversing rooftops and sliding through ventilation shafts to evade government forces. This prequel reboot – aren’t they all? – takes the game open-world and ditches all gunplay, so start practising your deadliest sliding tackles now.

Street Fighter V

Released: February 16
Eight years on from the last in the series, the classic fighting game returns featuring plenty of old favourites plus at least four new characters including a soul-sucking Aztec warrior and a Middle Eastern fighter capable of manipulating wind in a combat scenario.

Deus Ex: Mankind Divided

Released: August 23
‘Augmented trans-humans’ – we’re not allowed to call them ‘cyborgs’ anymore – have become persecuted by the ‘naturals’ in this second of the prequels to the revolutionary, complex cyberpunky Deus Ex series. Our hero, the Neo-like Adam Jensen, is in charge of crushing their terrorist plots with the help of an arm that can turn into a machine gun, deadly blade or glorified cattle prod.

Dishonored 2

Released: Spring
More time-stopping larks in the sequel to 2012’s stealthy steampunk adventure Dishonoured – one for the more merciful gamers who feel morally happier with a kill count of zero. This time you can play as the first game’s empress Emily Kaldwin, a woman so stealthy she can teleport, as well as the original hero Corvo. According to developers it’s “a game about an assassin where you don’t have to kill anyone,” which surely appeals to the Morrissey in us all.

Mass Effect: Andromeda

Released: TBA
It’s a little early to say what will be involved in the first game in the Mass Effect franchise since the inaugural trilogy based around Commander Shepard epic battle against the humanity-averse Reapers was wrapped up in 2012. With a new cast of characters and the entire Andromeda Galaxy to blast your way around, it’s bound to be a scream.


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