The best performances at the 2019 Grammys: from Dua Lipa and St Vincent’s masseduction to Travis Scott’s mosh pit

There were plenty of big performances at between acceptance speeches at the ceremony

One of the highlights of Grammys nights is always the gathering of phenomenal performers on one stage. This year’s ceremony might have had a couple of duds but it also had no shortage of shining moments, too, be they the likes of Lady Gaga going all out on her A Star Is Born hit or H.E.R. marking herself out as a name to watch. Here are the best performances from the 2019 Grammys.

Kacey Musgraves – ‘Rainbow’

Usually awards ceremony performances are full of glitz and excess, be that in set design or pyrotechnics. Country star Kacey Musgraves kept thinks simple for her beautiful version of ‘Rainbow’, though, proving you don’t have to throw the kitchen sink at something to make an impact.

Cardi B – ‘Money’


By now it shouldn’t even be a question as to whether Cardi is going to deliver a great performance or not – she’s already proved herself many times before. Her streak continued with her showing at the Grammys, which saw her, at various points, lounging across a diamond-studded piano, dressed in a gigantic belt of feathers, and strutting up and down stairs that looked like the inside of an oyster shell and she was the pearl in the middle.

H.E.R. – ‘Hard Place’

In the grand scheme of things, H.E.R., aka Gabi Wilson, is a relative unknown compared to most of the artists she shared a stage with tonight. But the California singer more than proved she deserved her spot at the Grammys, delivering an assured and confident performance of the smooth R&B of ‘Hard Place’.

Travis Scott – ‘Stop Trying To Be God’ (featuring James Blake) and ‘No Bystanders’

If Travis’ performance began gently, with a James Blake-assisted snippet of ‘Stop Trying To Be God’, then it ended in a mass of energy. The second half of it saw the rapper in a cage as a crew of dancers swarmed the stage from all sides of the arena, clambering up the steel walls until Scott climbed out himself and dove onto the hands waiting to catch him below.


Dua Lipa and St Vincent – ‘Masseduction’/’One Kiss’

Did you ever in your wildest dreams think you would ever see guitar-wielding legend St. Vincent shredding on a mash-up of ‘Masseduction’ and Calvin Harris and Dua Lipa’s club banger ‘One Kiss’? Us neither but thank the lord someone, somewhere came up with this blinder of an idea and brought the Greatest Grammys Performance of 2019 into reality. While it might be impossible for mere mortals to ever be as cool as either Dua or St. Vincent’s Annie Clark, the world should at least take note that this is how you do a collaborative performance.

Lady Gaga – ‘Shallow’

‘Shallow’ is the standout track from the A Star Is Born soundtrack but with that comes the danger that it could become quickly worn out from all the overplaying of it. Gaga and her crew (Mark Ronson, Andrew Wyatt, Anthony Rossomando) came up with a way to at least put off that inevitability for a little bit longer – by throwing themselves into this theatrical performance of the track, which saw the pop star acting out the lyrics as she sang and, at some points, effectively sending up rock stars like the fictional Jackson Maine in the process.