The Best ‘Star Wars: The Force Awakens’ Memes From Across The Internet

Star Wars: The Force Awakens has been out for over three weeks now, giving the people of the internet plenty of time to work their magic. We’ve had parody Twitter accounts, dogs dressed as Jedis and, of course, ‘Hothline Bling’. Before we look at the best of them, a word of warning…

BEWARE: Spoilers for The Force Awakens below. If you haven’t seen the film, this is not the blog post you’re looking for.

Very Lonely Luke

Let’s start with poor Luke. When protégé Kylo Ren turned against him and his fellow Jedi students, as told in the film, Skywalker felt it appropriate to exile himself to a far corner of the galaxy to avoid a repeat of this massacre. The idea of Luke quietly growing a beard on an isolated rock set someone’s imagination in motion, and the Very Lonely Luke Twitter account gives us an insight into what he might be sharing on social media.




This Stormtrooper – unnamed in the fans but named TR-8R for his one line, “Traitor!”, is the unlikely breakout star of the film, thanks mainly to his mad skills with his weapon.

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Opening Title Scroll

If you can write it, you can write it across space, and people did. We like this poke at the Courteeners, quoting frontman Liam Fray’s foulmouthed rant when he was the target of a smoke-bomb missile while on stage.

There’s even a nod to the horrifying gaffe Steve Harvey made at the Miss Universe competition this year:

And a throwback to the Internet troll’s original weapon – The Rick Roll

Star Wieners

Dressing up animals is a very easy way to reap some sweet Internet karma. Even more so when you dress up two dachshunds in Jedi outfits and make them have a lightsaber battle. Good triumphs over evil, obviously, but really, everyone is a winner with this one.

Hothline Bling

Drake, the meme king of 2015, reigned supreme from October onwards after he dropped the video for ‘Hotline Bling’. So it was inevitable that ‘Hotline Bling’ meme would get sucked in by the Death Star’s tractor beam and the internet gave the people what they wanted with this brief but brilliant vine of Drake dancing with lightsabers.

Star Wars Bling… It had to be done. #drake #starwars #hotlinebling #AubreyWanKenobi

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Father Jedi

Twitter exploded when viewers drew a likeness of the final sweeping shot of Luke’s solitary island with that of the opening titles of father Ted. Both were filmed over Skellig Island in County Kerry, Ireland and feature similar aerial shots of the beautiful coastline, prompting Twitter to turn Father Ted into ‘Father Jedi’.


Emo Kylo Ren

If you’ve seen The Force Awakens, you’ll know that Kylo Ren was, at times, a tad moody. He screams, he has fits of rage while wielding a lightsaber and even the Stormtroopers knew when to leave him be. Many have attributed this to his incomplete training with the force, but the Emo Kylo Ren parody account suggests that perhaps underneath the mask, he’s just a stroppy, hipster teen.




Finn/Poe Bromance

The big romance in the film is between Finn and Rey, right? Not according to the growing group of fans obsessing over the romance between former stormtrooper Finn and X-Wing pilot Poe Dameron.


Democratic Debate

With a new Star Wars film being the significant cultural event that it was, even politicians tried to advantage of the unprecedented hype and excitement. During the Democratic Debate in the US on December 19, frontrunner for the presidential nomination Hilary Clinton closed the night by saying ‘Good night and may the force be with you’. As a result, a plethora of witty photoshops popped up, placing nominees Clinton and Bernie Sanders in the films.




Crap Outfits

Your outfit for the midnight showing was pretty cool, right? You went as Jabba The Hutt and your pal went for Leia in the gold bikini – you got some funny looks and made a few children cry, but it was worth it right? Well a few guys from South Africa also played dress-up, but it didn’t quite go to plan. In fact, they became an international meme as people mocked their half-arsed efforts for their costumes. Check out the original photo below and check out some of Reddit’s responses below. Cardboard Stormtrooper is our favourite.

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