The best – and very worst – ‘In My Feelings Challenge’ videos

Some of these should definitely not be tried at home...

Ah, Internet crazes and challenges – the great divider of young and old, of those in the know and those who ruin it when they belatedly take the joke too far and get everyone in their office to do their own version.

They usually range from the well-meaning (Ice Bucket Challenge) to the vague and benign (Mannequin Challenge). Sometimes though, certain ones come along and really test your faith in humanity (yeah, we’re talking about you, Tide Pod Challenge).

For those unacquainted: the latest big online phenomena is the In My Feelings Challenge, named after Drake‘s song of the same name, which soundtracks many of the spawning viral clips. This newest craze has a lot in common with pretty much all the ones listed above – starting off harmlessly as people just having fun, dancing along to Drake but swiftly leading to instances of people actually throwing themselves out of moving cars.


The craze originates from a video posted by Instagram comedian Shiggy, who filmed himself at the side of the road dancing joyously to Drizzy, throwing shapes while wearing a snazzy salmon-coloured tracksuit.

With fans uploading their own clips of themselves dancing to the ‘Scorpion’ track, celebrities like Kevin Hart delivered their own versions too.

It was NFL player Odell Beckham, though, who was one of the first to film himself doing the dance while exiting a vehicle. He marked America’s bank holiday on the 4th of July by doing what was then known as #TheShiggy.


Singer Ciara followed suit, taking time out of her honeymoon to post a clip all the way from a picturesque Cape Town. By this time, the whole craze was known as the #InMyFeelingsChallenge.

Never one to miss the chance of proving himself to be a Cool Dad, Will Smith got in on the action too, climbing to the top of a bridge in Budapest because, well, he can…

Queer Eye‘s Fab Five, meanwhile, delivered a masterclass in how to perform the routine whether you’re in trainers, heels or barefooted.

Another one? Well, DJ Khaled also sent an effort in while on a pretty luxurious holiday with his family.

Drake himself even performed the Shiggy dance onstage at Wireless, while fans were climbing up trees in order to get a better view of his surprise set.

Away from the celeb endorsements, the craze has spread rapidly to everyday life, like this dentist who stopped in the middle of his day job to get involved in the viral fun…

So did this NYPD cop:

Even 68-year-old Congresswoman Joyce Beatty did her bit, admittedly without knowing who “Keke” actually is…

Another highlight came from this pregnant trio:

But the overall prize has to go to these kids, right?

Or is your champion this fancy dress-wearing pug?

Shiggy even managed to convince his mother to do the dance:

The In My Feeling Challenge doesn’t always have to involve a moving car, but some of the most popular ones do. Like this one from Dominican singer DaniLeigh, who definitely nailed her entry.

Of course, people have started upping the ante of danger and doing the challenge on motorways:

Or from the top of car bonnets:

There’s even been instances of people falling out of moving cars, which is never a great idea…

Neither is running into car doors:

So, I guess what we’re saying is stay safe, guys, and don’t try these at home, kids.

Because we’re really glad some of these are staged: