Beth Jeans Houghton – ‘Dodecahedron’ Free MP3 Download

Mute Records are pleased to announce that they’ve just added Beth Jeans Houghton to their roster of artists. To celebrate this recent addition, they’ve given us a free download of her song ‘Dodecahedron’, which can be yours after the jump.


In follow-up to her EP (‘Hot Toast’) and single (‘Golden Night/Swimmer’), Houghton is getting ready to release her debut full-length album with Mute.

“I see this album as an animal I’m preparing to ride…Grooming it, feeding it, braiding its hair, and I feel that Ben [Hillier, producer] has built me a saddle that is both practical and comfortable to use.” So sit back and enjoy ‘Dodecahedron’, and maybe braid its hair a little.

Here’s what Houghton has to say about the song: “The night before I wrote it I had a dream that consisted of me running up to strangers in the street and asking them what a dodecahedron was, but no one knew. I later found out that the ancient Greeks believed the Dodecahedron is a symbol of the universe and represents an idealized form of divine thought. Take from that what you will.”

Download Beth Jeans Houghton’s ‘Dodecahedron’ here