Beyoncé Fans Really Want This Piece Of Tour Merch

Beyoncé kicked off her Formation World Tour last night at Marlins Park in Miami, Florida last night to rave reviews from fans and critic alike. The show arrives just days after she unexpectedly dropped her sixth album ‘Lemonade’ on Tidal with the help of some surprising credits.

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She performed several songs from the new album for the first time at the show, including ‘Freedom’, ‘Hold Up’ and ‘Don’t Hurt Yourself’, but the biggest talking point came from a controversial T-shirt on the merchandise stand.

The T-Shirt reads ‘Boycott Beyoncé’ and is in response to the controversy surrounding her ‘Formation’ video back in February. Several media commentators perceived that the video contained anti-police message something which Beyoncé has since refuted. Following the release of the single and tour dates, police forces in Miami initially promised to boycott policing the show, leaving the future of the tour up in the the air if fellow forces across their US followed through.

They didn’t and the show went off without a hitch – but Beyoncé had the last laugh as she sold a T-shirt seemingly mocking their planned action. No one knows if the shirt will be sold at every Beyoncé show, or just this particular one in response to the local police force. Either way, you can bet your life that Beyoncé fans are desperate to get their hands on this controversial piece of merch.

As expected, The Bey Hive were all over this

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Some praised the smart move by Bey to have the last laugh

Us too, Isla

All three, obviously