Beyond Tupac – 5 Awesome Pop Holograms

What becomes a musical legend most? Well, a hologram of course. The Tupac one was such a big hit at Coachella that there’s talk of Snoop and Dr Dre taking it on tour with them. As a publicity stunt it’s pretty amazing, but as a cost cutting exercise it’s even better. Imagine; no expensive wardrobe, no rider costs, no security, no big diva walk outs over a jacket. Seriously, it’s the future. Let’s take a look at a few other notable musical holograms.




Music’s best cartoon band (sorry The Archies) sprang to life at the 2005 MTV Awards using something called the Musion Eyeliner System to beam the animated rascals’ performance to the assembled crowd. The “creepy factor” was especially low as they were already cartoons.

4Elvis Presley

What’s creepier than Celine Dion? Celion Dion plus an Elvis Presley hologram! “Celine Dion is travelling back to 1968, the year she was born to sing with her idol,” says presenter Ryan Seacrest during the introduction of the American Idol performance, before unleashing the house of horrors upon us…

Well Known Political Correspondent (TM) Will.I.Am popped up on CNN to comment on the recent election victory of Barack Obama. He calls himself the “voice of young people” all the while looking a bit like a Teletext page from 1985. Amazing.

2Robbie Williams

What to do when a member of your band is dead/difficult/too busy recording a solo album? Beam his performance in via hologram of coure! That’s exactly what Take That did when they reunited as a four piece in 2006, sending in for the Robgram for his lead vocal on ‘Could It Be Magic’.

1Madonna and Gorillaz

For the 2006 Grammys Gorillaz brought out their (now) well-oiled hologram band members for a version of ‘Feel Good Inc’ but they added a new member; Madonna. She tottered up to the mic for a mash up of her own ‘Hung Up’. Holograms and a surprise duet, what more could you want?


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