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Universal truth #114: the quality of a bus DJ’s music is inversely proportional to the volume at which it’s played. Thus this morning’s post-BH weekend commute was made worse by a stop-start trundle soundtracked by what sounded like the scrapings of the bottom of the barrel of the Easternmost of Eurovision entries. Bleating beats and cheap studio effects in abundance as we crawled wheezing towards Waterloo.

Just once, it would be nice to hear something like Bibio come roaring from my neighbour’s earpiece. Warp’s new signing has been honing his homemade electronica for over five years now, and is set to release his new album ‘Ambivalence Avenue’’ on June 22nd.

Bibio Album


It’s the kind of thing you hear in vintage furniture shops and wafting from organic food stalls at boutique festivals, a sepia-tinted run through crackly hip-hop, laid-back 8-bit electro and folktronic whimsy all recorded on bone fide old school equipment and peppered with field recordings. In an age of digitised auto-tuned everything infected by the likes of Kissy Sell Out (whose abortion is polluting the office airspace as I type) we need these kind of originals more than ever.


Listen to a sampler of Bibio’s new album on his MySpace and be sure to buy it when it comes out the week of Glastonbury. It’ll be perfect for that Monday morning drive back…

Download Bibio‘s Ambivalence Avenue here
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