Biffy Clyro Live In Manchester

You’d be hard pushed not to have noticed a pretty cool tour of International rock having its wicked way with the UK right now. Of course, I refer to Biffy Clyro’s current promotional live run to back up brand spanking new album ‘Only Revolutions’.

And they’ve been so kind as to take some very worthy bands on the road with them. Atlanta’s Manchester Orchestra and Leeds’ Pulled Apart By Horses. Awesome times gents.

The Manchester date happened to fall on my birthday. Which is cool enough, but hold up! It was also Andy Hull of Manchester Orchestra fame’s birthday. Apparently he can’t get enough of northern English towns in his life as he declared during their set “This is the best birthday ever!”

I tried to make it a touch better by taking a picture of his ‘happy birthday’ face but this plan failed. I imagine he was backstage wearing party hats and eating cake. So I bring you the next best thing; the wildly accurate portrayal of Andy’s beard courtesy of Tom Hudson, front man of Pulled Apart By Horses. Uncanny.

No silly, I can’t explain my mug, but see how Tom’s trying to enhance the beard? Yeah, he told us collectively the bands are so hairy that they could in fact have a tour ‘beard off’. On effort alone, he gets my vote.

Good news on the Manchester Orchestra front is that their new single ‘Shake It Out’, which just happens to be the best track on their new album ‘Mean Everything To Nothing’, is released on Monday. It sounds like this:

And, onto the men of moment. As one of Britain’s best rock bands and recent NME cover stars, Biffy Clyro need no introduction but they clearly kill it live so deserve some NFTU love all the same. Here is a snapshot of my favourite Biffy moment of the night; live footage of ‘There’s No Such Thing As A Jaggy Snake’.

So good. Youtube doesn’t do this even a tiny bit of justice – how incredible was their light show? On average, I use the words ‘beyond epic’ even more than ‘need chocolate’, but this time, I really mean it. I’ve added ‘room full of lasers’ to my Christmas list.

Photo Credit: Jade Dannielle Martin

So tell us your thoughts, did you see the tour? What did you think of the line up? Were you bursting with excitement after the light show or are you just grumpy that Biffy have got MASSIVE and ditched the grubby venues for good? (Don’t be, that’s ridiculous, they are brilliant).