Big Boi – Pieces Of Me

The (slightly) more sensible half of OutKast on Kate Bush, Ralph Lauren suits and the original Wolverine

Big Boi

My First Album
‘The Fat Boys’ by The Fat Boys
“I think the first album I ever remembered purchasing with my own money was that first Fat Boys tape. It was classic New York hip-hop, man. I remember my mom took us to see [1985 hip-hop film] Krush Groove at the mall. You remember the gel markers, those silver gel markers, putting graffiti on your bubble vest and all that? I loved that shit.”


My First Gig
The Pharcyde, Atlanta Phoenix
“I think that was the first proper concert I ever went to. They had that album ‘Bizarre Ride II The Pharcyde’, and they rocked the shit out of it. I was a teenager and we weren’t old enough to get into the club, but we snuck in. We always used to sneak in those days and try to get on the mic.”

The First Song I Fell In Love With
‘The Wedding List’ by Kate Bush
“It was my uncle who introduced me to Kate Bush. She’s still my all-time favourite artist, tied for first place with Bob Marley. There’s no-one else like her out there. I was hoping to try to track her down while I’m here in the UK.”

My Favourite Lyric
‘Nothing Compares 2 U’ by Sinead O’Connor
“That’s a heartfelt song, definitely. You can tell she means those lyrics, she’s really lived in every word [although obviously the song was written by Prince – Pedantic Ed]/”

The Book That Changed Me
’48 Laws Of Power’ by Robert Greene and Joost Elffers
“I loved that book when I read it for the first time. It’s philosophy and lessons for life. The authors worked with 50 Cent on a remake of it quite recently. I also like ‘Behold A Pale Horse’, by William Cooper. It’s talking about UFOs, JFK, the New World Order, stuff like that. Don’t say conspiracy – it’s all true, man.”

My Style Icon
Ralph Lauren
“It would either be him or Giorgio Armani. I own quite a bit of that stuff. They know how to make suits fit – they fall right, if you know what I’m saying.”


Right Now I’m Loving
Little Dragon
“Dre just put me on to this band the other day. That shit is jamming. And MGMT, too. Dre puts me on to all these psychedelic bands. We listen to everything out there, not just to hip-hop, and that’s why out music sounds the way it sounds.”

My Favourite Place
Tybee Island
“That’s where I’m from, an island in Savannah, Georgia. I’m a beach boy. It’s very peaceful, very quiet, man. I shot a video there for one of the songs off my new album – it’s called ‘For Your Sorrows’ with George Clinton and Too Short. At the end of the video, it’s me walking off into the sunset. It’s idyllic.”

My Favourite Fictional Character
“He used to be my favourite comic book character, at least until that stuff went mainstream. He’s a no-nonsense type of guy. And I really like Sabretooth – I like the villains, you know?”

This article originally appeared in the July 17 issue of NME

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