Big Moon

The Big Moon on their ‘stupid’ Glastonbury tradition and their “older and wiser” second album

The follow-up to 'Love In The 4th Dimension' is on the way

Everyone has their Glastonbury tradition, whether it’s ending the weekend with a trip to the stone circle or camping in the same place, year in, year out. For The Big Moon, it’s looking ridiculous while they perform.

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“For some reason, I’ve decided Glastonbury is my moment to wear something really stupid on stage,” explains singer and guitarist Juliette Jackson backstage at the Somerset festival. “It feels like a really good time so I’ve got something planned.”

Later, during their “secret” set at William’s Green, she’ll walk on stage dressed in a handmade tulle tutu, white vest, and white oval-shaped sunglasses. On most other people, it probably would look stupid, but she manages to pull it off with ease.

The band’s set features three brand new songs that range from heart-punching emotional indie-rock to a shadowy disco strut. All three seem certain to appear on the follow-up to 2017’s brilliant debut ‘Love In The 4th Dimension’ and set it up as a record that should be highly anticipated. “It’s really good,” bassist Celia Archer declares, but the group remain tight-lipped about much of the other details of the Atlanta-recorded album.

“It’s a lot more developed and accomplished and experienced, which is what we are now,” offers Jackson in lieu of hard facts. “It’s a lot older and wiser.”

The triplet of new songs have been road tested on the way to Glastonbury as The Big Moon returned to the stage with a pair of intimate shows in Tunbridge Wells and Southampton. “Someone shouted in Tunbridge Wells, ‘The new album’s gonna be sick then,’” recalls Archer. “I thought, ‘Did our manager pay you to say that?’ Actually, it was our manager, but she’s not wrong.” We’ll have to wait to find out if their self-hype is justified but, so far, all the signs are pointing to that definitely being the case.