Big Narstie and Badoo team up to put an end to unsolicited dick pics

They’ve got a bone to pick with you

Look, over lockdown we’ve all been there. Bored of the endless virtual pub “lock-ins” (it’s no fun when you actually are locked in your own home) and fed up of baking banana bread, we’ve turned to dating apps and enjoyed a few minutes (OK, hours) of swiping on potential suitors.

Lockdown has seen a boom in online dating – but whilst searching for your future beau, you deserve to stay safe. That’s where Big Narstie and dating app Badoo come in.

Badoo has launched a new “dick pic” filter, and we know what you’re thinking; but this isn’t your average filter. If you were hoping to beautify your schlong with a dog ears or some glitter, this won’t help. Instead, Badoo’s new feature ‘The Private Detector’ filter does something much more important than that – it aims to put an end to unsolicited dick pics. With over 40% of millennial women having been sent this type of unwanted image, it’s a massive problem that needs addressing.

With their new addition to the app, Badoo will give users the decision to open or avoid the X-rated content, and to raise public awareness about the issue they’ve released a parody infomercial (which you can watch below).

In it, a spoof shopping channel are selling the “self-d filter” – a fake product which you could use a filter to jazz up your phallic photos – before Big Narstie appears to remind you that uninvited dick pics are no laughing matter.

“Men don’t need any encouragement to be showing their sausages to the public without consent,” says Narstie. “However, Badoo does have a dick pic filter…using automatic detection technology it blocks unsolicited images being sent within the app.”

He later adds the sage advice: “Come on, you don’t see someone on a first date and say, ‘how you doing, want to see my sausage?’ Build a vibe and get consent first.” He’s not wrong – consent is always key.

Speaking about his involvement, Big Narstie commented: “I know some guys love to show off their crown jewels, but it’s not something everyone wants to see. You need to respect people’s privacy and sometimes leave some things to the imagination. The good thing about the Private Detector is that users can choose if and when they want to open the D.P, so gone are the days when you’re in public and a silly willy pops up on your screen.”

Badoo is hoping that this’ll make people think twice about sending these images, as well as keeping those using the app safe.

And for those who are still thinking about sending an uninvited picture – in the words of Big Narstie: “Don’t be a weirdo”.

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