Big Scary Monsters Vs NFTU – A Punk Rock Spotify Playlist Fight In The Style Of Harry Hill

Big Scary Monsters records is, as y’all well know, a truly brilliant DIY label. Kevin ‘FML’ Douch has been cherry-picking mega bands to release for years now, so we teamed up to give you a Spotify playlist – me versus him, 10 tracks each in an alternate ‘You play one, then I play one to blow you away, and then you reply and I reply and it all ends up in one glorious punk rock mess.

Like that, but without a chicken.

Just so you know, it was my choice, then his choice and so on and so forth. Which means Manchester Orchestra is his, Dillinger Escape Plan is mine. We agree on Weezer and Rival Schools, that’s for sure…

Click here to open the NFT Vs BSM Spotify playlist