Bigmouth Strikes Again – Example’s Best Outbursts

Got the new issue of NME? You’ll hopefully have read our feature with Example, in which he regales us with his opinions on David Cameron, Occupy London, The Stone Roses reunion and the time Boy George threatened to “put a massive cock in my ass.”

Example in NME

If so, you’ll have noticed that Example is the most loud-mouthed, opinionated gobshite in pop right now, and in an ocean of teeth-whitened say-nowts, this can only be a great thing. OK, anyone can slag anyone else off in the press, but unless you’re doing it at the same time as having Number One records, you probably may as well just spew your insults into a tin can and send them to the recycler, for all the impact they’ll have (we still love you though, Viva Brother).

So check out the mag as we officially anoint pop’s new Mouth Almighty, and of course keep an eye on his Twitter feed at for the latest missives. To get you warmed up, here’s our pick of the feuds he’s sparked up in 2011 so far.

Victim: Cher Lloyd
The ‘disagreement’: He branded her single ‘Swagger Jagger’ “the biggest crime since she got a record deal”
The response: Cher retained a dignified silence, but Example got an ocean of abuse from her fans, to whom he tweeted: “Dear Cher Lloyd fans, yes Cher Lloyd has 200,000 more followers than me but 300,000 of them are her cousins.”

Victim: Alexandra Burke
The ‘disagreement’: Example tweeted that the singer was “actually 41” after moaning about pop stars lying about their age.
The response: Alexandra barked back: “If you want my #I will gladly give it 2 u so we can have this out. Tired of ur constant bitching! You don’t even know me. Don’t bitch about me -BITCH2ME!!”

She continued: “No need for the rudeness. U won’t go far in life if u carry on. Have no time for people like you. Grow up and grow some damn balls & say what U need to say to me! I will pray4 u mate. Take a look in the mirror and look at yourself real GOOD! Stop hating on other artists. Learn to support people – KMFT!”

The Saturdays

Victim: Rochelle Wiseman from The Saturdays
The ‘disagreement’: Rochelle had waded in to defend her friend Alexandra, tweeting: “Hopefully our paths will all cross together…6 V 1, silly silly boy! Grow a pair!!”
The response: Example’s tweeting, after Rochele joked that he could join The Saturdays on their arena tour: “My arena tour is next April, I need some miming dancers, you free?”

Victim: Boy George
The ‘disagreement’: Example got ‘gay crisps’ trending worldwide after moaning about the quality of Monster Munch while on tour in Thailand.
The response: Boy George almost stuck more than his oar in, saying, according to Example: “If you want to know what gay is, I’ll put a massive cock in your ass.” Example tells us they made up after he told Boy G that he had a Culture Club album on double CD.


Victim: Ke$ha
The ‘disagreement’: Example on the singer: “She’s rebelling against sanity. When I met her, she wasn’t rude to me but she came to a party in the UK. She didn’t have any friends to go with and she’s supposed to look like this crazy person who’s always partying so they paid a load of models to be her friends. One of these girls came up to me and admiteed ‘I was paid to come here and be Ke$ha’s friend and act crazy’. The world we live in – Ke$ha has to rent friends! I don’t know if I have any friends anymore or if the record label’s paid for them. She’s a scraggy haired cow who can’t sing.”

The response: No response, actually, but a good rant anyway.

Have you seen the boy spark any other online riots? Long may Example spout amusingly vitriolic verbal slammings…

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