Bike For Three! – More Heart Than Brains – Free MP3

I hadn’t really noticed it this past year or two, but damn I’ve been missing Buck 65. The Canadian raconteur was the perfect mid-afternoon festival draw. Accompanied by just a pair of decks and a small lyric book his one man show would see him jump between scratching and rapping, telling tales over melancholy slide guitar and dusty beats. This kind of thing:

This was my personal favourite from the mid-noughties stuff:

So the good news as you probably guessed is that he’s back, teamed up with Belgian electronic artist Joelle Phuong Minh Le (of Greetings From Tuskan) for a new project called Bike For Three.

Bike For Three

The pair have never met. Joelle sends Buck (aka Richard Tefry) her music (or moods and movements as she calls it) and he adds his narrative over the top. It forces him to ditch his usual storytelling for a more fragmented stream-of-conciousness approach, which she then tightens up to complete the tune.

For someone already respected for pushing hip-hop into new directions this takes it to a whole new level, perhaps best exemplified by the title tune from the new album, available exclusively right here.

Download Bike For Three!‘s More Heart Than Brains here
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