Bill Bailey Is Playing ‘No Man’s Sky’ – And He’s Brilliant At Naming Its Creatures

Ever been to Bill-Topia? Neither had Bill Bailey, until No Man’s Sky came along. The procedurally generated space-exploration simulator allows you to travel to near-infinite planets and name them yourself, and Bill-Topia is now one. When you get to each planet, you can meet new species, collect resources and, eventually, get to the centre of the universe. As we’ve already learned while playing No Man’s Sky, it’s a pretty spectacular experience.

Anyway,Bill Bailey has already been playing to show everybody else how it’s done, and in the below video you can see him travelling to his first planet (Bill-Topia, obviously). But then he encounters a load of creatures with ridiculously weird attributes, whom he names perfectly. “Look at this,” Bill exclaims. “It’s a club-handed eagle bouncer… wombat!” Then there’s another: “Here’s the giant spiny boot-mouthed combat duck”. And another: “And look! Look, the multi-eyed sentient marshmallows joyfully gambolling in their mating ritual!”

In our own exploration of the game we’ve discovered that the interplanetary police force is pretty fearsome, that you sometimes have to tunnel your way out of hostile scenarios, and – perhaps most importantly – that some creatures fart at you when you feed them.

No Man’s Sky™ on PlayStation 4 is available now from retailers across the UK, including from the PlayStation Store


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