Bill Clinton Had Such A Good Time At Jay Z’s Made In America Festival

Over the weekend (September 3-4), the fifth edition of Jay Z’s Made In America Festival took place in Philadelphia, and former US president Bill Clinton came along in an official capacity as a campaigner for 2016’s Democratic presidential nominee, Hillary Clinton. In reality, he spent most of his time hanging around with the outrageous amount of talent on show – Beyoncé and Jay Z among them.

Beyoncé was celebrating her 35th birthday over the weekend, and some of it she spent hanging out with Clinton, as you can see in this photo taken by Hillary’s campaign photographer, Adam Schultz:

Happy bday Bey

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It looks like they had a nice chat. But what did they talk about? It’s all in the posture: they’re obviously nattering away about fiscal responsibility.


He also talked the ears off Chance The Rapper & Jay Z backstage as you can see in this pic:

And then he watched Chance and bloody loved it. You can tell this because he moved his arms:


Here he is hanging out with Travis Scott earlier in the day – Scott went on to tell his crowd that he was launching a range of merch that included pillows, underwear and condoms.

Bill wasn’t the only starstruck one at the festival – he also made time to pose for selfies with, er, fans.