Bill Murray went to the ‘Groundhog Day’ musical and caused absolute chaos

It's something we wish to relive over and over again

There’s few things the internet likes more than Bill Murray. If the internet had to collectively rank its favourite things, it would go like this: kind of cute cats, people caught doing really bad things on dash cams, followed shortly by debatably true urban legends about Bill Murray.

But even more than the internet likes Bill Murray, the general public at large loves him too. So much so that he can pretty much get away with doing anything, from stealing people’s chips to photobombing couples’ engagement photos.

So when Murray went to the Groundhog Day musical in New York this week, it’s safe to say that both the internet and those in attendance totally lost it.

Despite wearing black and white camo trousers and, you know, being Bill Murray, he managed to go unnoticed for a little bit:

But soon, Murray’s cover was blown:

It also became quickly apparent that watching Murray’s every move might be even more entertaining than watching the musical itself:

Murray couldn’t even go to the bar without causing a scene:

We also found out that Murray always comes prepared:

And isn’t ashamed of getting a bit teary in public:

He also dished out some sage advice:

And revealed his biggest takeaway from a lifetime of globetrotting:

Murray was also on hand to give the cast some pointers:

All in all, Bill Murray at the Groundhog Day musical is something we wish to relive over and over again.

Let’s hope we get to do this all again tomorrow, eh?