Bjork, ‘Crystalline’ – Video

It’s seem totally right that so much has been made of ‘multimedia’ aspects of Bjork’s forthcoming album ‘Biophilia’, with i-Pads apps and interactive games taking the dying art of “the album” into this brave new future.

But, as a person who nearly cried recently when their video player ate their VHS copy of The Sure Thing, I’ve saved my biggest ‘excited face’ for the first video from the project, ‘Crystalline’.


It sees her re-teaming with the Michael Gondry, the surreal virtuoso behind the nightmarish worlds the singer inhabited in ‘Army Of Me’ and ‘Isobel’.

‘Crystalline’ sees Gondry create a Clangers-like space scene with a “hair sculpture” sporting Bjork playing Ms. Moon. This day-glo world is filled with anarchic roots (reminded me of the graphics in ‘Hyperballad’) before things go manic during the drum and bass breakdown.

It’s an exciting, typically innovative continuation of Bjork and Gondry’s video innovations.