Black Lips’ Gay Club Chaos, Police Chases And More

Last night Black Lips played a Shockwaves NME Awards show at the Carling Academy in Islington, London.

Now, the last time the Atlanta rockers played in the capital, at the Heaven venue, they ended up battling security guards, having their sound pulled, then guitarist Cole stripped off and started playing his guitar with his penis. Oh, and their friend supposedly got locked in a cabin backstage.

Black Lips at the Islington Carling Academy. Pic: James Quinton

Nothing quite like that happened last night, but before the show Jared and Cole from the band recalled the show:

Unfortunately for the band, their brand of on-stage visuals didn’t translate very well to their recent Indian jaunt, which ended after a police chase and a confrontation in a car park. We’ll let Jared and Cole explain:

They do actually make records too. Their new one, ‘200 Million Thousand’, hasn’t been off the stereo since we bagged a copy. It’s out on March 16, here the pair discuss it.

And the gig itself? Well, the fact that one punter felt compelled to wave their crutch around the air in approval mid-way through speaks volumes.