Blakfish – Charmer – Free MP3

If you’ve ever wanted to see Kings Of Leon buggered beyond belief (and I can’t say I have but if they continue to headline every festival going from now until eternity I might change my mind), now is your chance. Today’s MP3 sees the Nashville boys already pretty deranged nod to the Pixies strangled by Birmingham band (and Notes From The Underground favourite) Blakfish.



It’s the b-side to their new single ‘If The Good Lord Had Intended Us To Walk He Wouldn’t Of (sic) Invented Rollerskates’, which despite the stupid name is three minutes of straitjacket schizo math-rocky hardcore genius.

They’re playing about a million gigs over the summer; details on the Blakfish MySpace. Notes From The Underground gave away a track a while back too.

Download Blakfish‘s cover of Charmer here
(Right click and chose ‘save as’ if necessary)
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