Blink-182 Mocked One Direction. 12 Years Ago

Got to hand it to Buzzfeed’s Ryan Broderick for spotting this. Twelve years ago, Blink-182 released their ‘All The Small Things’ video, in which they lampooned boy band cliches. One of the scenes found them goofing around on a beach.

Over a decade later, One Direction made the ‘What Makes You Beautiful’ video, in which they goof around… on the exact same beach (Santa Monica Beach, to be be precise). We even see them from the same camera angle. It’s pretty spooky. Could it have been done deliberately – a sly act of sabotage on the part of director John Urbano? Or is it just a startling cosmic coincidence?

Perhaps we can now expect the spooky Blink-182 similarities to multiply throughout One Direction’s career. Their next move: recording a song called ‘Fuck A Dog’.