This comedian has absolutely nailed Eminem’s rapping style in 2018

It’s Eminem’s internet now – we just live in it

On ‘Greatest’, a track taken from his surprise release ‘Kamikaze’, Eminem seethes that previous album “Revival didn’t go viral”. Well, Kamikaze has certainly done that. For all its flaws and central failure to understand what makes a hit album in 2018 (clue: a longer tracklist and fewer voicemail messages), the record has made the world sit up and pay attention to Em.

In a stroke of genius, he’s taken aim at everyone he doesn’t like rate in the current rap scene – and, readers, the list is long. The ‘Kamikaze’ hype machine feeds itself, because every time a rapper responds publicly to Eminem, his new record receives a fresh boost of publicity. From Vince Staples to Lil Yachty, they have all had their say, generating fresh headlines in the process. If the rapping thing doesn’t work out, it looks like Eminem could find a job in a digital creative agency.


And it’s not just Shady who’s going viral off the back of ‘Kamikaze’. The Twitter user @larryislegend has shared a video clip of comedian Chris D’Elia imitating Eminem’s modern-day, rapid-fire robotic flow. Even though Em’s flow is almost impossible for mere mortal to copy, this is uncanny. It’s been retweeted more than 60,000 times. It’s Eminem’s internet now – we just live in it.

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