Blossoms On Five Lessons Learned On The Road

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Tomorrow night (Mar 18), Blossoms will play at the BL-NK venue on a line-up that includes Crows, Bradley Zero and Phil Taggart. The Stockport band – and creators of giant tunes ‘Charlemagne’ and ‘Cut Me And I’ll Bleed’ – have just finished their biggest ever tour. Frontman Tom Ogden recounts five lessons learned on the road.

1: Always better yourself
“Our last tour was the best yet. There were people jumping up and down everywhere. If you’re appealing to a mass audience like we want to, you get young kids jumping around as well as musos who come because they’re hearing something they loved before. There were 350 people watching us in Aberdeen, which is kind of mad. We are a force, but you can always better yourself.”


2: Friendships are unbreakable
“It feels like we’re at home wherever we are. We’re best mates and that feeds into the performances. We’re five happy lads. Me and Joe [Donovan, drums] have been friends for 12 years. We had a season ticket together at Manchester City – we watched them win the league and ran on the pitch and then suddenly we’re in Tokyo gigging.”

3: Emulate your heroes
“When we started, Catfish And The Bottlemen’s tours seemed to be rammed and we wanted to do as much as them. They slept in the van and all that, and we felt like we were coming from a similar place. We’re not dead fancy – we have a Pizza Express and listen to Luther Vandross and Drake’s ‘Hotline Bling’ before we go on.”

4: Rough it out
“You’ve got to do the tours where you sleep in the van. You have to rough it out, play to two people, drive all night to get home – it keeps you grounded. One time Joe nearly cried when we got back, the drive was that intense. You think: ‘What have we signed up for?’”

5: Gig non-stop
“We came from a scaffolding yard in Stockport. Now it really feels like we’re starting something. The more you play, the more confident you are. We’ve done 18 months on the road. When more people watch you it gives you that impetus to put on a good show – you feed off it.”


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