The Blossoms V Sleaford Mods Twitter Bunfight Is Highly Entertaining

While the general gist of Sleaford Mods and Blossoms’ still-developing Twitter spat this morning is prosaic enough (Sleaford: “You’re shit!” Blossoms: “You’re old!” Sleaford: “You’re shit!” Blossoms: “You’re old!” etc), it’s too good to not post in full here.

A little background info for the uninitiated: In one corner we have Sleaford Mods, purveyors of fine punk poetry the way John Cooper Clarke and Jock Scot invented it. They’re fronted by Jason ‘mouth’ Williamson, a man not exactly known to hold back when it comes to critiquing culture’s finest – whether it’s Slaves, Weller, Turner’n’Kane, The Queen, Shakin’ Stevens, it seems no-one’s safe from his ire – aside from Fat White Family, although it’s unclear what he makes of that band’s recent dalliance with queen of sheen Lady Gaga).

Opposite them, in pretty much every sense of the word, are Stockport’s Blossoms, who are well on their way to becoming Britain’s next biggest indie band, following in the footsteps of The 1975 and Catfish & The Bottlemen. Starting out a couple of years ago with a few Zutons-esque demos, they hooked up with Coral mainman James Skelly as producer for a few singles and came out the other side sounding polished and primed for the mainstream. It’s working too – last week at Live At Leeds, they played to a couple of thousand kids, all going crazy for them.

Here’s what went down: