Blur’s Dave Rowntree Responds To Fan On Yahoo! Answers

When a Blur fan posted a question to Yahoo! Answers regarding the video to the 15 year-old single ‘On Your Own’, it’s a safe bet he didn’t expect one of the band to answer it for him.

But that’s exactly what happened today to Yahoo! user Dan Rolling Stone Brain, who posted on the Q&A site to ask why drummer Dave Rowntree’s role in the ‘On Your Own’ video involves nothing more than sitting in a booth playing a keyboard. “The video has no story or plot, and what he’s doing has no relevance/correlation to the song or the lyrics,” he writes.

Two days later, an answer appeared from Rowntree himself, who explained that the keyboard was merely a prop to stop him from waving moronically at the camera.

Lovely of Rowntree to sit down and respond but, given Blur are playing Hyde Park on Sunday, you might think he’d have something better to do with his time…